WOD: 3-25-13

Skill: Kipping

Warm Up: Bar Muscle Up practice


3x 1 min AMRAP Burpee MUs

WOD L1: 10 rounds for max reps:

1 one minute do:

80M Row
8 Pull Ups
8 Push Press (65/45)

Rest 1 minute

WOD L2: 10 rounds for max reps:

1 one minute do:

100M Row
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Press (85/55)

Rest 1 minute


Let’s take a look at that scoreboard…

Reebok Crossfit Back Bay team one is back in the top 30.  They are sitting in 20th place.  Their top scores came as:

Brendan:  261 (21 Muscle Ups)
Justin:  257 (17 Muscle Ups)
Jessa:  255 (15 Muscle Ups)
Lauren:  250 (10 Muscle Ups)
Josh 248 (8 Muscle Ups)
Rachel:  245 (5 Muscle Ups)

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay is making its way up the ladder and improving every week.  They are sitting in 35th place right now.  Their top scores come as:

Mike D.:  258 (18 Muscle Ups)
Mike H.:  254 (14 Muscle Ups)
Gino:  254 (14 Muscle Ups)
Daisy:  248 (8 Muscle Ups)
Beth:   248 (8 Muscle Ups)
Page:  244 (4 Muscle Ups)

Outside of all that, today’s workout should prove interesting.  You have 1 minute to complete the rowing, the Pull Ups, and the Push Press.  If you finish early, then you have extra rest.  When put into words, it doesn’t sound too bad.  Theory and practicality are two completely different practices.  Those of you who have been doing this long enough can successfully predict that doing all of the Push Press will be an incredibly difficult task.  As far as scoring this workout, the row doesn’t count as a rep and each round will count for 20 (the 10 Pull Ups and the 10 Push Press).  With a max score of 200, how far do you think you will go?

Not very isn’t a number,



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